Cookie Statement MyMicro Group b.v.

To increase the ease of use of our website, to make our services more personal and to analyze the use of our website we make use of different types of cookies.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are simple and small text files that we place on your computer/browser as soon as you visit our website. These files are completely safe for your computer, laptop, tablet and mobile phone. They do not contain viruses.

What cookies do we use?

First of all we make use of functional cookies. These cookies are strictly necessary for the service requested by you (for instance to be able to log in to our website). Without functional cookies our website cannot function.

We also make use of Google (Universal) Analytics Cookies to collect statistics and obtain reports about the use of our website. In that way we learn how visitors use our website. As a result of this we can improve the quality and effectiveness of our website. Possibly we shall obtain personal data via our analytical cookies. For more information on the subject you can consult our Privacy Statement here. Google also uses your personal data for its own purposes, such as comparing the performances of websites and improvement of its Analytics service. If you agree to this Cookie policy, you also give permission for this processing by Google. We also work with Google Adwords.

Moreover we make a profile on the basis of your online behavior by means of tracking cookies, which profile we use to advertise more specifically for your personal preferences. By means of tracking cookies our website is especially attuned to you, so that its use becomes easier and pleasanter. If personal data are processed by means of tracking cookies, we do this in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (Wbp). For more information on the subject you can consult our Privacy Statement here.

Our website also contains references to social media. If you select one of these references, cookies of these social media parties are used. They recognize you as a user. To know what cookies the relevant parties use and how they handle them, we advise you emphatically to consult the privacy policy and cookie statements of these parties.

How long do we keep these cookies?

We keep cookies for periods varying between a few moments to several years. We register the manner in which permission for the use of the above-mentioned cookies was acquired, how you as a user have been informed by us about the use of cookies and the time at which your permission for the purpose was acquired. This information is kept by us in conformity with the starting-point of the Consumer and Market Authority (ACM) for a maximum period of five years.

How do you remove cookies?

You can remove the cookies placed by us yourself. The manner in which this is done often differs by browser. Via the ‘help’ option in your browser you can find more information about this. If you have disabled the use of cookies in your browser, you can simply use most parts of our websites. We must draw your attention to the fact, however, that our website will work in a less than optimum manner without cookies.


We reserve the right to amend our Cookies Statement. We therefore advise you to consult this Cookie Statement regularly.

Any questions?

Do you have any questions about the cookie policy used by us? Feel free to contact us in writing via [email protected] or MyMicro Group B.V., P.O. Box 114, 5740 AC Beek en Donk.

The current Cookie Statement was most recently updated on 2 June 2016.